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Shiruji // Graphics ~for you~

...Sailing away to where dreams come true... It's all in my imagination...

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Shiruji, female, now 18, from Norway. Likes to read, write, listen to music, watch movies and taking pictures. I don't like to be in the pictures though. I'm shy, short, and sweet XD

My favorite band is Green Day, and my favorite movie is Pay it Forward. I love my bed and I normally don't get up in the mornings before 11.00. (unless it's school, which it is five days a week)

The best part in life is when it's just been bad weather, it has rained and thundered and so, and it stops, and the sun is just started to shine, and you can see this perfect light... That's my paradise. Everything is quiet, everything is totally peaceful. That's when I thinking it's a wonderful world after all...

I like to make graphics (even though they don't get so pretty and perfect) but since nothing is actually perfect I accept it and just have fun.
My Graphic site is here: carpenterchild



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